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Is your Pay Per Click running as smoothly as it could be?  You may already have someone managing your PPC but are they really doing their best work for you? Do they regularly trawl search query reports, add new keywords and negatives, break down adgroups into smaller more focused ones, try new adcopy and constantly look to increase volumes whilst reducing the CPA or do you just leave them to it and hope they’re doing their best?

We’ve been in hundreds of accounts to do an AdWords Audit and as a result we’ve seen it all from one man bands with perfectly set up and run accounts to multi national companies and even a charity with accounts so badly set up and run by “professional” agencies that they should be ashamed to charge for such work.

We offer a free, no obligation AdWords health check to all merchants, so why not find out what just how your account is being run, at the best case you’ll get objective confirmation that your current PPC management team are running things as well as they could be, at the worst case we’ll show you how you could save lots of money each month, get more traffic, leads and sales and reduce your cost per sale.

Each AdWords audit will be documented in a PDF with our assessment of the current structure of the account and how it’s been run and suggestions for how to move the account forward to it’s optimum health and therefore optimum results with the highest volume of relevant traffic at the best cost per click and thus cost per lead or sale.

Rest assured there’s no hard sell in play here, we simply take a look and then give you our report with recommendations and you are free to use it to move your account forward yourself or badger your existing PPC agency to make changes or at least give them a kick into life but alternatively we’ll be happy to speak to you about us doing it but there will be no hard sell to take us onboard unlike some other PPC agencies! we don’t have to hard sell our services, we think taking accounts from spending £15k to £75k per month with a 30% drop in CPA, or going from £13 CPA to under £3 CPA whilst increasing sales 400% speak for themselves!

Drop us a line via our dedicated Free AdWords Audit site to get your free AdWords health check.

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